Too many accountants and lawyers .
I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a trending (among my Jamaican friends) topic that the government of Jamaica notes that the country had TOO MANY accounting and law graduates.

That pissed me off.


I understand that not everyone may have the skills to be a hotel worker or farmer, and that he pursuit of law and accounting may be a little colonial to some. But I digress.

I personally believe that perhaps this may be an opportunity to be a law and finance Mecca for the Caribbean or at least a viable option.

Law and accounting are symbiotic with startups, small and large businesses, personal wealth and are the cornerstone for the entrepreneurial spirit.

In a country where every legal process seems to be backed up perhaps a few new lawyers could help unclog the pipes ?

In a Caribbean Community ( thats thing right? ) perhaps our new graduates could be encouraged to work in and with other islands harnessing the power of the community to be considered desirable as companies, family trusts and the general flow of a legal and accountable society grows. But perhaps as I said Its better we get some more farm workers because you know Chiquita isnt going to supply themselves and we know how much tourism helps our economy .. Exchange rate is lit.

Hopefully the tide changes in this region I consider home and the direction of a Singapore, Cayman and the Bahamas somehow give hope or at least a blueprint

Or maybe were ok with maintaining a colonialists feel, where everybody knows massa by the trendy last name or we think somehow, if we cut enough bananas well get to the big house and become the new house n..

Mi dun.