For quite a while I’ve had a Jamaican passport. Having a US Resident Card (green card) is great for living and working in the United Sates but you’re quickly reminded your are still Jamaican when you want to make a spontaneous trip. The Formalities and paperwork involved with obtaining a visa for many countries, coupled with the having to find the appropriate consulates might be a deterrent, but fear not young yardie!

Here are a list of countries you can go to RIGHT NOW without a visa. And if it makes you feel any better, some of them require Visas for US Citizens as well ;)

Visa Free
Visa on arrival
Visa available both on arrival or online
Country Stay Duration
Antigua & Barbuda 6 Months
Argentina 90 Days
Armenia 120 Days*
Azerbaijan 30 Days
Bahamas 6 Months*
Bahrain *
Barbados 6 Months
Belize 6 Months
Benin *
Botswana 90 Days
Brasil 90 Days
Cambodia 30 Days*
Cape Verde *
Chile 90 Days
Colombia 180 Days
Cōte d’ivoire (Ivory Coast) *
Djibouti *
Dominica 6 Months
Dominica Republic
Ecuador 90 Days
Fiji 4 Months
Gabon *
Gambia 90 Days
Georgia 30 Days*
Grenada 6 Months
Guinea-Bissau *
Guyana 6 Months
India 60 Days*
Indonesia 30 Days
Iran 15 Days*
Israel 90 Days
Kenya 90 Days
Kribati 30 Days
South Korea 90 Days
Lesotho 90 Days
Madagascar 90 Days*
Malawi 90 Days
Malaysia 30 Days
Maldives 30 Days*
Mauritania *
Mauritius 90 Days
Mexico 180 Days
Micronesia 30 Days
Mozambique 30 Days*
Myanmar 28 Days*
Nepal 30 Days*
Nicaragua 90 Days*
Palau 30 days*
Peru 180 Days
Philippines 30 Days
Qatar *
Rwanda 30 Days*
Saint Kitts and Nevis 6 Months*
Saint Lucia 6 Months
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6 Months
Samoa 60 Days*
Sāo Tomé and Príncipe *
Serbia 30 Days (per year)
Seychelles 3 Months
Sierra Leone
Singapore 30 Days
Somalia *
South Africa 90 Days
Sri Lanka 30 Days*
Suriname 6 Months
Swaziland 30 Days
Tanzania 3 Months
Timor-Leste 30 Days*
Togo 7 Days*
Trinidad and Tobago 6 Months
Turkey 1 Month
Tuvalu 1 Month
Vanuatu 30 Days
Venezuela 90 Days
Zambia 90 Days
Zimbabwe 3 Months

If you have a US or UK Visa You can walk with the bounce right into the Cayman Islands