1301, 2024

Nofollow on IIS

January 13th, 2024|Categories: Chocolate Bourdain|

Recently I was working on a site that NEEDED to be internet facing during development. VPNs, Firewalls, Corporate overlords. You get the gist..   Anyway... if you even end up in a situation like that, just jump into IIS -> Select the site in question -> Click "Http response" and add a custom HTTP Response header to tell the Robots they're not welcome . In Name: X-Robots-Tag Value: Noindex   ---   Always remember it's a "Suggestion" not a "Rule" and the Major Search engines will usually comply and not Index your site. HOWEVER .. the little robots around the internet may not be so nice so I would still suggest not pasting your dev site in public forums etc.

1301, 2024

Installing LetsEncrypt CERT on IIS

January 13th, 2024|Categories: Tech Support|

Spent the better half of a day tapping and clicking around the internet. Save yourself the headache.. check out It's a command prompt based LetsEncrypt installer that's MAGIC. Remember to have incoming ports 80 and 441 open or it will fail.  Apart from that the instructions are self explanatory. I've attached a screenshot of the interface (well.. a screenshot of their screenshot.. inception) Pro Tip: Remember to open command prompt as Administrator (right click command prompt) or it may not work.  I tried to take a screenshot but ..  Mac + remote deskotop = no bueno  

1301, 2024

WordPress Permalinks on IIS

January 13th, 2024|Categories: Tech Support|

Absolutely insane that we have to do this but then again ... Wordpress works great on Linux so ... this is the price we pay Here's a default web.config (just copy paste it into the root of roy Wordpress site. What a lot of google searches DON'T tell you is.. download the Microsoft URL Rewrite tool (Link below) You're welcome.. I'll expand later.. maybe lol

1001, 2024

Expo Client doesn’t install in iOS simulator on Mac OS

January 10th, 2024|Categories: Tech Support|

This was driving me wild so here's my solution. I'm a little fixated with running "sudo" in front of anything that doesn't work the first time. I DID THAT WITH SUDO ... Don't be me lol Problem: The permissions were set incorrectly on install for some reason (it was root not "Kiwami") Solution: Uninstall Expo (Yes.. Most likely with sudo) Re-Install Expo without sudo npm uninstall -g expo-cli npm install -g expo-cli That's it! ... Kinda   SO There's a huge chance you might end up with "Error: EACCESS" Permission denoted, access.." something something That's because those files are associated with the user "root" (trust me.. they are) Figure out who owns the director (just in case i'm wrong lol) ls -la /copy/directory/name/belazy and change owner with (yes.. with sudo) to yours sudo chown -R yourusername /copy/directory/name/behappy   And..  Done!   Hope this helped someone ..

205, 2023

WordPress not showing uploaded media / images on IIS

May 2nd, 2023|Categories: Tech Support|

I recently moved all my websites to Azure (don't judge.. they gave me a really good deal lol). Anyway when I tried to add pictures to a new Wordpress post, they wouldn't appear. The small preview images, or thumbnails, were working fine (in the media library) but no such luck on the websites. Solution: Apparently  when uploading files the server first saves them in a temporary folder before moving them to the right folder within the website's content. The issue was that the server user had limited access to the temporary folder, so all files going through it had the same limited access. I gave the server user more access to modify the files (though I'm not sure if read-only access would have been enough), and now all uploaded files have better access for the server user, making them visible on the website.

710, 2019

My hitlist for stuff to do in Puerto Rico

October 7th, 2019|Categories: Caribbean Exploration, Chocolate Bourdain, Travel Tips|

So now that I'm on year 4 of my 3 month vacation to Puerto Rico, I've had a ton of friends visit and even more curious people asking me about what to do on the island on a trip (I'll probably do a re-location post one of these days as well). This list reflects my opinion and honestly,  you might run into me on many occasions especially nightlife related activities... I'll grow up next year ;) haha This is a straight up copy and paste from a recent request that somehow I just kept typing! here we go: Authentic food - This restaurant named Orozco which is probably walking distance from where’re you’re staying (if you're staying in Condado), is my go to. Check out Atabey (also close by) for a good breakfast or lunch. Chill people you can tell them I sent you lol. For sure you guys [...]

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