So now that I’m on year 4 of my 3 month vacation to Puerto Rico, I’ve had a ton of friends visit and even more curious people asking me about what to do on the island on a trip (I’ll probably do a re-location post one of these days as well).

This list reflects my opinion and honestly,  you might run into me on many occasions especially nightlife related activities… I’ll grow up next year ;) haha

This is a straight up copy and paste from a recent request that somehow I just kept typing! here we go:

Authentic food –
This restaurant named Orozco which is probably walking distance from where’re you’re staying (if you’re staying in Condado), is my go to.
Check out Atabey (also close by) for a good breakfast or lunch. Chill people you can tell them I sent you lol.

For sure you guys need to go to Old San Juan and just get lost up there.. pay to go to inside the forts for a little history and photo op.
While you’re up there check out La Taberna Lúpulo for local craft beers (Not just Medalla).

Deavadura has a good lunch and is always cooked fresh with a revolving menu based on what she has in the kitchen.

On a chill afternoon I’d go to ‘La Vergüenza’. You will get good drinks / food and a view of la perla (a supposedly dangerous neighborhood… it’s not and worth a walk around to be honest). Pro Tip: Go to La Vergüenza on a Sunday night for an out of this world Salsa, Bomba and Plena experience. Live music and so much dancing.

If  you guys are driving I’d make a day trip to El Yunque (The Rainforest) and probably do Kayak tour of the Bio Bay that same night .. just eat at the Kiosks in Luquillo between the hike and the Kayak

Check out the Bacardi factory tour online.. if you like it .. it’s a fun trip for drinks but I wasn’t really impressed to be honest but if you do the tasting or mixology tour.. you at least get some drinks and a little history

Monday nights You get to check out super local bomba music at La Terreza de Bonanza (Thank me later haha). After it’s old school hip hop night until way too late at la repuesta.

Thursday night I’d check out la factoría for amazing cocktails (Rated in the worlds top 50 bars). Go back there on Friday night for a super packed salsa experience. Even if you can’t dance salsa it’s worth it.  Pro tip: There are secret rooms… that’s all I’ll tell you

Between friday and Saturday nights it’s a toss up between La Plácita and Old San Juan but you’ll know where to go, just follow your nose… For those two trips you’re 100% going to want to Uber.. if for some incredible reason you don’t already have uber.. click that link to help a brotha out. It’s brutal otherwise.

I’d probably squeeze the rainforest and kayaking between Tuesday and Wednesday.
You will want to check out Santurce in the day to walk around the art walls. Wednesday night is also pretty good at the bar called watusi.

If you guys are up for it I’d either do a day catamaran for drinks all day and a few small islands OR take the ferry out to culebra which is about n hour from the mainland via ferry. I’ve been using for the catamaran but there’s also travelers catamaran (easy google).

You should also drive out to Piñones which is about 15 minutes out and check out the kiosks there .. all the food there is good.

All of this is in no particular order and I’m typing on an iPad so it’s probably a grammatical nightmare but HMU with any questions. Just about all the names are easy in google maps / wayze and for old San Juan you could just Uber and not worry about parking.

Oh pro tip: check out its Puerto Rico’s version of Groupon and there are always cool stuff on it… the discounts only make it better haha