Im writing this from Studio City, Los Angeles where im currently listening to aspiring scriptwriters go over the next big blockbuster..

The passion in their voices and the sincerity and believability of the story they are trying to portray is phenomenal, they bounce off each others idea like telepathic twins and im wondering.. am I witnessing the next dynamic duo on Hollywood?

The problem is .. if I go to any coffee shop in this city, chances are, ill witness this same magic. Again, and again

I wish them all the best and ill probably send them a link to this post before I leave (they dont know I even exist as of right now) but it reminds of of most countries ive visited  South America goes IN on football, everybody in Jamaica is the next reggae hit and the models of Italy never cease to amaze (and impress).

Oh shit Quinten Tarintino just got here  kinda cool  But I digress

Im in a field where we dream big maybe even bigger than Hollywood.. where the next big website or app will make you an overnight success or broke as a joke..

So who am I to judge ?

I guess too much of anything really is dangerous, including aspirations.

In this coffee shop, screens are filled with headshots and scripts (I probably look like im writing one now huh).

Im incredibly used to seeing content management systems and lines of code in coffee shops, its refreshing to see software being used.. not made.. its interesting to see peoples comfort zone, or frustration with the capabilities or magic of software. Software that does everything, from script writing, to video editing, photo enhancement ..

What a time to be alive.