Ive learned over the years, that understanding something is almost more important than actually doing it .
IDK .. maybe its a leadership thing, or just feeding curiosity.
Right now im doing a UX course on Udemy and im learning a LOT about color theory, typefaces and general design. I thought I had a general idea, but nah, I didnt know shit.

The main reason I started this course was to learn Sketch 3.0 as it pertains to mobile development, but the breadth of this course has taken me through the above mentioned disciplines, and will follow through web design, xcode integration and of course mobile UI design. Im very excited to see changes in the way I storyboard (well, the actual fact that I will storyboard) prototypes in the future. Sketch is really, really good at doing this and the very simple fact that its made for this task and not photo retouching has made a world of a difference and im not even half way through the course.

Update to follow.

Im excited to learn this new application and more importantly, im excited to learn.