#currentsituation Ocean Park – Puerto Rico

Ever since I’ve remembered myself, I have always been a massive fan of Electronic music. Sure I’m also a massive fan of dancehall and Reggae but that doesn’t take away from my EDM passion. I’ve been to electronic music festivals around the world and have the privilege of calling some pretty relevant DJs my friends. In fact, in 2017 my colleagues and I staged our own music festival in Miami, Florida called Electric Karnival. But more on that another time.

In the EDM World PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It’s a world where everybody’s kinda friendly, language is irrelevant and vibes are plentiful.

In the United States in particular, the electronic music scene has become coupled with a cosplay-like scene, where people dress in costumes depicting their favorite characters as well as exchanging home made jewelry affectionately called “Kandi”.

For quite a few years I had the privilege of being the chief technology officer of Costume World, the world’s largest theatrical costume company with retail stores scattered throughout the united States. While there I received first hand knowledge into the world of buying and selling costumes. I also personally developed mental trends into how to maximise exposure and sales on these unique products. Alas, the CEO never took e-commerce seriously and here we are.

My plan for Plurtopia.com is to develop a marketplace for selling costumes and trading Kandi.

Here… On my blog I will document the process, the successes and the failures along with lessons learned along the way. I’ll be as transparent as possible and hope you learn as I will, how to create the blueprint of a a successful modern e-commerce platform, as independently as possible (the less subscription products the better).

Let’s go!