I didn’t really think I would get one of these computers… Honestly, It seems incredibly overpriced and a slap in the face to those who waited around for a new Macbook Pro.

Always buy open box and a model behind ;) Amazon has the 8gb ram 256gb hard drive model for about $1,400 at the time of this writing. That’s like $600 off retail!

I was wrong.

It’s fast. Like… really fast. Despite not being able to go past 16gb of ram on a “pro” computer, it chews on everything you throw at it. These days i’ve forgotten what the ‘beach ball’ looks like. But if course, it’s because i’m playing Apples game.

  • I use Safari
  • I use Final Cut
  • I use Pages and Keynote
  • I use Xcode as my IDE

Yea… When you use their stuff, the odds are in your favor. But I can live with that.

The Touch Bar, once a gimmick h become second nature to me. As I type this post, i’m surprised with the contextual features added to it (I just noticed it!) … The Touch

Bar now supports WordPress! This adds all Apple software, an awesome slider in Safari and of course cool controls in Final Cut which have now become second nature to me when editing.

The battery life, which is one of the most important things to me, is phenomenal under normal load. The moment you start rendering, importing local databases or any ‘Pro‘ stuff you’ll see why the fuckers removed the ‘time remaining’ from the battery indicator.

The speakers are pretty legit too. I’ve always carried around my UE Boom speakers and while its no replacement, it certainly supplements for casual background music or watching a video.

I went to Best Buy to get the HP Spectre X360 and left with the Macbook Pro.
I’m happy with the purchase and if Apple stays true to form (something which has been questionable these days) I should have this computer for a few years without the “PC” issue of slowdowns and defect.