So I was thinking.. Well.. More like checking my recurring bills especially I’ve “cut the cord” for about 3 years now (That means no premium cable for the uninitiated).
After killing cable (kinda cheating because I DO have a little more than basic as a part of my association fees.. but no HD so suck it!) and migrating to subscription based services, I’ve realised (thanks to that I’ve spent more on movies (netflix, amazon prime and xbox on demand) and music (spotify premium and itunes purchases) than I ever spent when I had blockbuster to get movies from and looked forard to going to the mall to buy a CD.
Interestingly enough, I’ve also bought albums and movies (books too for the record) through this new cloud / intangible world and enjoy this on demand but really never owning shit philosophy.
I don’t know how much I like the idea though, leaves the feeling of being a little Mayan.. We’re going to end up not owning anything. What happened to all the music people bought from napster’s legal attempt? or Sony music, or… Myspace ?
Not saying itunes or the iOs ecocystem is going anywhere soon, and we do have everything on our hard drives… But it is kinda crazy, that when you close the lid of your laptop screen… All the stuff you bought, no longer exists.