2404, 2017


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For quite a while I wondered if my ‘ambitious’ target markets were realistic. Entertainment, E-Commerce, Streaming Media and Social Media Marketing all seem like they should be 4 separate fields of expertise. Boy am I happy I stuck to my guns. Defined on my whiteboard and branching off to similar clients needs has proven to me that this risky attempt to only work with ‘certain types’ of clients or projects that has specific service requirements has accidentally (or systematically) made me an ‘expert’… in the field. So its with great pride that I define my market.. and even if it doesn’t make sense to most, the core of the technology behind it revolves around the same tools, modules, database structures and marketing. That makes you an expert. Regardless of the field (balloons and clowns make a good combo.. no? ) once defined, is a wonderful thing

2404, 2017


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Tecnology is has changed our lives forever. No longer do we lick stamps and send messages to our friends far away not do we have to be in the same country see in realtime to see each other. Teleportation aside We really do live in a science fiction future. But what about  the person that was born into the this.  That doesnt know anything else.  This is his reality, and our conversation was awesome. Familiarity with the technical world  This kid was by far not a technical individual, he was a half Rican from Orlando coming from a visit to his Abuelas. We chatted a bit for no reason (this happens more than it should)  and it was about him loving basketball, his moms friends (she was in the seat in front of us) and the girl he liked that he was afraid to talk to. IDK..  Anyway so after [...]

2404, 2017

Everybody needs a Christmas

April 24th, 2017|Categories: Marketing, Technology|

OK, i’m not talking about virgin births and kids in the barnyard now, i’m talking about the business of christmas. I’ve been consulting for the past few years for some pretty successful companies (lil old me lol) and have noticed a trend in every single one of them… thank hallmark and uncle sam, but between them both most of these business have an amazing peak that floats them through the year. Think about it, SOMEBODY cashes in on Christmas, 4th of July, Independence day, Tax Season, Halloween, Spring Break.. even on being black or Jewish or Hispanic. Every entrepreneurship venture must have a busy season.

2404, 2017


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Ive learned over the years, that understanding something is almost more important than actually doing it . IDK .. maybe its a leadership thing, or just feeding curiosity. Right now im doing a UX course on Udemy and im learning a LOT about color theory, typefaces and general design. I thought I had a general idea, but nah, I didnt know shit. The main reason I started this course was to learn Sketch 3.0 as it pertains to mobile development, but the breadth of this course has taken me through the above mentioned disciplines, and will follow through web design, xcode integration and of course mobile UI design. Im very excited to see changes in the way I storyboard (well, the actual fact that I will storyboard) prototypes in the future. Sketch is really, really good at doing this and the very simple fact that its made for this task [...]

2404, 2017


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Im writing this from Studio City, Los Angeles where im currently listening to aspiring scriptwriters go over the next big blockbuster.. The passion in their voices and the sincerity and believability of the story they are trying to portray is phenomenal, they bounce off each others idea like telepathic twins and im wondering.. am I witnessing the next dynamic duo on Hollywood? The problem is .. if I go to any coffee shop in this city, chances are, ill witness this same magic. Again, and again I wish them all the best and ill probably send them a link to this post before I leave (they dont know I even exist as of right now) but it reminds of of most countries ive visited  South America goes IN on football, everybody in Jamaica is the next reggae hit and the models of Italy never cease to amaze (and impress). Oh [...]

1105, 2016


May 11th, 2016|Categories: Brain Farts, Culture, Future Thinking, Technology|

Too many accountants and lawyers . I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a trending (among my Jamaican friends) topic that the government of Jamaica notes that the country had TOO MANY accounting and law graduates. That pissed me off. Royally. I understand that not everyone may have the skills to be a hotel worker or farmer, and that he pursuit of law and accounting may be a little colonial to some. But I digress. I personally believe that perhaps this may be an opportunity to be a law and finance Mecca for the Caribbean or at least a viable option. Law and accounting are symbiotic with startups, small and large businesses, personal wealth and are the cornerstone for the entrepreneurial spirit. In a country where every legal process seems to be backed up perhaps a few new lawyers could help unclog the pipes ? In a Caribbean Community [...]

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