1603, 2018

What countries can you go to with a Jamaican pasport

March 16th, 2018|Categories: Asia Trip, Caribbean Exploration, Chocolate Bourdain, Culture, Euro Trip, USA|

For quite a while I've had a Jamaican passport. Having a US Resident Card (green card) is great for living and working in the United Sates but you're quickly reminded your are still Jamaican when you want to make a spontaneous trip. The Formalities and paperwork involved with obtaining a visa for many countries, coupled with the having to find the appropriate consulates might be a deterrent, but fear not young yardie! Here are a list of countries you can go to RIGHT NOW without a visa. And if it makes you feel any better, some of them require Visas for US Citizens as well ;) Visa Free Visa on arrival eVisa Visa available both on arrival or online Country Stay Duration Antigua & Barbuda 6 Months Argentina 90 Days Armenia 120 Days* Azerbaijan 30 Days Bahamas 6 Months* Bahrain * Bangladesh Barbados 6 Months Belize 6 [...]

1003, 2018

I just went the doctor… On my phone!

March 10th, 2018|Categories: Future Thinking, Technology|

So I'm finally back in my happy place. This little island called Puerto Rico (it's surrounded by water apparently). But there's a problem. My doctor (cardiologist to be specific) is MIA like the other 6% of the population that left after the hurricane and this sedentary, avocado loving black 30something needs his pills! Now I could play the insurance game and go to the ER so that I would be covered down here since I'm still under my Florida insurance (I told Florida Blue insurance company to go and fuck themselves.. More on that one day). Now hypertension is not something to be played with, but neither is my time. I tried googling "online prescriptions" and found the root of the worlds drug problem haha.. just kidding but WOW the internet has some shady places.  I could call a few friends who are doctors and have them shoot me a [...]

2402, 2018

The birth of plurtopia

February 24th, 2018|Categories: Marketing, Partytime|

#currentsituation Ocean Park - Puerto Rico Ever since I've remembered myself, I have always been a massive fan of Electronic music. Sure I'm also a massive fan of dancehall and Reggae but that doesn't take away from my EDM passion. I've been to electronic music festivals around the world and have the privilege of calling some pretty relevant DJs my friends. In fact, in 2017 my colleagues and I staged our own music festival in Miami, Florida called Electric Karnival. But more on that another time. In the EDM World PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It's a world where everybody's kinda friendly, language is irrelevant and vibes are plentiful. In the United States in particular, the electronic music scene has become coupled with a cosplay-like scene, where people dress in costumes depicting their favorite characters as well as exchanging home made jewelry affectionately called "Kandi". For quite [...]

2801, 2018

Macbook Pro Touch Bar 13″ Review

January 28th, 2018|Categories: Reviews|

I didn't really think I would get one of these computers... Honestly, It seems incredibly overpriced and a slap in the face to those who waited around for a new Macbook Pro. Always buy open box and a model behind ;) Amazon has the 8gb ram 256gb hard drive model for about $1,400 at the time of this writing. That's like $600 off retail! I was wrong. It's fast. Like... really fast. Despite not being able to go past 16gb of ram on a "pro" computer, it chews on everything you throw at it. These days i've forgotten what the 'beach ball' looks like. But if course, it's because i'm playing Apples game. I use Safari I use Final Cut I use Pages and Keynote I use Xcode as my IDE Yea... When you use their stuff, the odds are in your favor. But I can live with [...]

2404, 2017


April 24th, 2017|Categories: Brain Farts, Marketing, Technology|

For quite a while I wondered if my ‘ambitious’ target markets were realistic. Entertainment, E-Commerce, Streaming Media and Social Media Marketing all seem like they should be 4 separate fields of expertise. Boy am I happy I stuck to my guns. Defined on my whiteboard and branching off to similar clients needs has proven to me that this risky attempt to only work with ‘certain types’ of clients or projects that has specific service requirements has accidentally (or systematically) made me an ‘expert’… in the field. So its with great pride that I define my market.. and even if it doesn’t make sense to most, the core of the technology behind it revolves around the same tools, modules, database structures and marketing. That makes you an expert. Regardless of the field (balloons and clowns make a good combo.. no? ) once defined, is a wonderful thing

2404, 2017


April 24th, 2017|Categories: Chocolate Bourdain, Marketing|

Tecnology is has changed our lives forever. No longer do we lick stamps and send messages to our friends far away not do we have to be in the same country see in realtime to see each other. Teleportation aside We really do live in a science fiction future. But what about  the person that was born into the this.  That doesnt know anything else.  This is his reality, and our conversation was awesome. Familiarity with the technical world  This kid was by far not a technical individual, he was a half Rican from Orlando coming from a visit to his Abuelas. We chatted a bit for no reason (this happens more than it should)  and it was about him loving basketball, his moms friends (she was in the seat in front of us) and the girl he liked that he was afraid to talk to. IDK..  Anyway so after [...]

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